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I really should stop wearing tank tops. Tom Working has been freelancing in design for... a while. He's lived in Sacramento since 2002, serving people with high blood pressure their miscellaneous digital copies and printing, and working freelance as opportunities arise.

Toasting my former bastard roommate on his departure to the East Coast, the mythical land of Stay Puft Marshmallow Men and Big City sex comedies. Rewind a couple years back and life finds Tom living and sometimes working in San Francisco. There he lived in the lap of poverty with a crazed writer and harassed local famous webloggers just as the Dotcom bubble burst. In between bouts of employment, he watched a lot of Dario Argento films and movies of dubious value, like "Thall Shalt Not Kill... Except." Prior to that, Tom attended Santa Barbara City College and Sac State.

Me in shorter days, playing golf thinking about how things really went downhill after people over six were allowed to join the club. Tom Working was not always a Californian and surprisingly, not always an adult. He was much shorter once. Tom grew up in the soggy Pacific Northwest milltown of Longview Washington, a place so small that it was over-shadowed by nearby Kelso, a veritable truckstop with an indigenous peoples' museum. Longview's big claim to fame was the public library's Nutty Narrows squirrel bridge, a ridiculous structure that local rodent life were more apt to gnaw at than actually use.

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