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Heya -- let me get more personal here. The specific purpose of this website is to offer a quick and easily accesible visual reference of what I do professionally: design. Anything else here is bent toward the goal of self promotion.

But that wasn't always the case.

In prior days when FAL.net was less a ghost town and more vibrant, with constantly changing and unique content, my intent on the web was closer related to entertainment and personal expression. My personal website was a self-styled lounge, with the name "Working Menucha"; "menucha" means "place of repose".

Right before the big blog boom and during the Dotcom bust, I was a "mid blogger" -- not one of the originals like Megnut, Kottke or whatever but one of many who rode on their coat tails by a thread with a minor amount of audience success. And I entertained. Most with quirky weblog features and parodies of other web-exclusive phenomena, but also with comics.

I've enjoyed entertaining and interacting with others online but so much has dragged me offline to other work that I could no longer keep up fresh material. I decided with this, the tenth version of this site (dubbed "Menucha X" on my hard drive but not in application), a less strenuous update schedule was in order.

For your amusement! Below are some screenshots and miscellaneous graphics from previous and ancient versions of my website.




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