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2007 wound up being my "Year of Staggering Medical Bills", in which I woke up and smelled my adulthood. Thus, 2008 is to be my "Year of Paying Staggering Medical Bills", in which I work my nuts off.

I have.

I've hit the ground running this year, with Keith Lowell Jensen's All-Sketch Comedy Festival being a critical success. It was great working with Keith on the theme and overall look of All-Sketch materials.

While I thought I'd sworn them off some time ago, I've found myself taking on many website projects of late.


Freelance designing and illustrating has been rewarding but creatively chaotic. I need some ongoing creative constant in my life and this year, I plan on authoring (and in some cases, re-authoring) some comics to the web again. People know me more for pixel-slinging rather than my ink-slinging. At one point in a lifetime long ago, I was a cartoonist. Not a particularly bright one, or even coherent one... but still, I could ink.

I guess the main bullet point here is I itch. Creatively. Creatively, I itch.

For the purposes of hiring me for your project, I'd would prefer showing you what I can do, not describing it. Check the Design section for work from this and recent years. If you'd like more references than offered on the Downloadable PDF of Resume, please contact me.

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