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'Buddy' Lee Presents

A Letter To The Press

Greetings so-called journalists,

If you had any brains, you'd be on the phone right now with the boys at FAL.

By our estimates, FAL is at least two years ahead of the comedy curve. Front man Erik Lobo has media types begging him to move down to LA on a hourly basis. Why? "Offbeat" Humor is hotter than Pokémon, and the current trends seem a bit familiar - if you know your FAL history.

FAL has been whipping up experimental cross-cultural humor for smart people with bad taste for well over a decade. Yep. We've cornered that fickle "geek market".

A fluff piece about our boys would dispel the buzz that you're out of touch with the real creative scene and give you an excuse to reprint, reuse, or recycle FAL's hilarious crowd pleasers. S'nuff said.

Don't know FAL by name? Their content helped get tens of thousands of clockwatchers into hot water with the boss this year alone. Hits such as 101 Least Effective Pick Up Lines, Misfortune Cookies and Harley, the Tuff Li'l Biker Slut have been copied and imitated to the point of becoming web "standards". The FAL satire Horrton Hears a Heart by Edgar Allan Seuss has been accessed by thousands in classrooms and universities across the globe.

Several "hipster" publications have written glowingly of our internationally distributed print books, and links to fal.net can be found everywhere from Yahoo! to Google.

Their "best kept secret" is your meal ticket to diverse saturation and higher profits. Eureka!

Well, that's it for now. "Danke Shoen, Puddin'tain, etc."

Your Buddy in the Business,
Buddy's sig. 'Buddy' Lee

P.S. - Hurry up and have at it! I haven't checked my media acquisitions this morning - I probably own your butt!

  Buddy and the LIRKSF.
They can't drink milk -
but they can kick
cheese and ice cream
make them sick
If evil Ham-Star-r-r
has his way
our stock footage
will be taken away-y-y
Defender is the leader,
Xaxxon is the brain,
Tempest - she is pretty,
and Frogger is simply insane.
computer link,
everything but
the kitchen sink -
Stock Footage Film Force
will save the day-y-y!
- Lactose Intolerant Robo-Karate Stock Footage Film Force theme song

all too soon