"So Much Crap, You'll Wet Your Pants."

101 Least Expensive Easter Candies

Not only are they in bad taste... they're bad-tasting. And bad for you. Savor the dense nuances of badness in these cut-rate holiday confections that languished on store shelves everywhere.

Satire and Parody!

101 Least Lists.101 Lists

Learn from the mistakes of others - focus on the Bottom 101 instead of the top ten. Unimprove yourself with FAL’s Least Effective Pickup Lines, Least Loved Conversation Hearts, Least Appropriate Things to Say at a Funeral and more fodder for your next social encounter!

MisFortune Cookies.MisFortune Cookies

The World Wide Web’s first Misfortune Cookies, and our most popular feature! Bite into half-baked predictions and rude revelations like "Success will never change you. You’ll always be a bastard" - courtesy of FAL Kitchens.

Horrton Hears A Heart.Horrton Hears A Heart

Take two parts Dr. Seuss, one part Edgar Allen Poe, a heaping teaspoon of FAL Brand parody... shake violently, and you'll have Horrton Hears A Heart!

Star Whores.Star Whores

The Empire Sells Out in this FAL Brand Bend-Over Mini-Poster!
Hear that? That's the sound of a thousand bad Star Wars parodies, headed this way!

Twister VR.Twister VR

In this colorful game review, Video jock Gern Blaith critiques the digital version of the classic Milton Bradley party game that "ties you in knots".

Gulf War Dog Stories.Gulf War Dog Stories

Prove to the godless mutt-races of the world that you love America and you love dogs. We must never again forget our four-legged friends that bravely gave their lives so that we can pay less at the gas pump!

Sitcom Plot Generator.Sitcom Plot Generator

Play big-shot TV executive, and develop sure-fire ratings gold with this random generator that might as well have been used by Fox, the WB and the CBC to create wacky, madcap, zany, must-see, dyn-o-mite programming.

SpelChek Theatre.SpelChek Theatre

Fal.net, in cooperation with the fine people at SpelChek, bring you e-culture on tap with an improved version of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar!

FAL Photo-Play.FAL Photo-Play

Approved for you, the layman - a Neurohygenically sound photoplay elaborating on the wondrous benefits of FAL Brand humor!

X-Ray Specs.X-Ray Specs

Parody of the classic mail fraud/novelty from FAL Brand Funny Pages, installment 2-D - by Joseph Sweeden. See through clothes, through skin, through bone, through - Oh, good gravy, no! No!


Gamma Man.Gamma Man

Doctor Steven Tanner, scientist, attempts to unleash hidden powers that all humans have - by bombarding himself with carcinogenic gamma rays! Marvel to this 60’s superhero adventure. With appearances by The Amusing Cider Man, the Inedible Husk and The Fanatical Five.


Did you know that Richie Rich’s cousin is an in-bred trash-talking beer whore? Comic strips, whole-page and multi-page adventures of your favorite Larvae Comics babe, Harley the Tuff Li'l Biker Slut.


Got Brains? In the spirit of Harvey Comics’ super-star Casper, we present Zomby the Li'l Undead Boy - in two comic adventures!

Chick Dinkley.Chick Dinkley

FAL Weekly Comic strip about your Dad’s favorite talk show host. Designed for appearance in mainstream TV listing magazines.

Giant Angry Robot.Giant Angry Robot

The continuing saga of Buddy Lee’s Japalope import from the Comikazi sweatshops of FAL/Asia! Aeon Flux, Akira, Power Rangers, Voltron, Transformers and more are dishonored in this heady spoof!

Wilbur.Wilbur The Woodchip

Q: How much wood would a woodchip chip if a woodchip could chip wood?

A: Wilbur’s cartoon adventures supply two (2) metric ounces of bark and bite.

Divorce Is Dandy.Divorce Is Dandy

Leave the bum, sell the kids and begin life anew! This public service message from the Divorce Advisory Council will inspire you to do the right thing.

Comics of Tom Working.Comics of Tom Working

FAL presents the exploited mammals of File Under Fire and lots more visual fallout by our resident mad genius, including Batteryboy, Numb and Anvil, Trite Trout, Tiny Grumpy Toaster, and Penis. You’ve been warned.

Video Stimulation!


You may remember seeing our corporate I.D. in a darkened theatre at the start of one of our blockbuster motion pictures. Such hallucinations are among the normal side effects of your prescribed medication.

Wilbur.Wilbur flashes for you!

Your favorite woodchip’s first animated adventure is so rousing it may give you wood. Ask your doctor to see if Wilbur is right for you!

Wilbur Reloaded.Wilbur Reloaded

Who or what is Wilbur The Woodchip? The Matrix inspires this second entry into the Flash-animated saga. If viewing at work you may want to monitor your volume!

Miguel Ferrer.Miguel Ferrer

Star Of Robocop and Twin Peaks Kicks Your Ass! He is one bad Mother Fu--
(Shut Yo’ Mouff!) - I’m just talking about Miguel Ferrer!
Anyway, he’s a complicated man nobody understands - except on this Flash website.

Audio Stimulation!


Clips from Radio Is Dead, The Last Thanksgiving, 70’s Space Explosion, The Sorry Ass, Horrton Hears A Heart, Cider-Man: Beyond the Groove, Nuke Nova and more.

-- Mr. Lobo

All too soon.