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12 February 2002

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or saunter in to FAL's Giant Angry Blog.


New Flash work from Tom is being readied for the Demo and the Content index. Next up for FAL is "The Sorry Ass."

Having completed the first Dinosaurus Rex ad for Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, Erik is at work on sample promos for the Sci-Fi Network.


All hands are preparing for the (first!) syndication push for Cinema Insomnia. Writing from an earlier project, "FAL Shortcomings", is being adapted for future CI episodes.

Erik can be heard on some new voice-overs for Sacramento major-outlet advertisers.


Chris is resting comfortably from the web site overhaul (no flowers please). We have a lot of material still to be added. He's turning next to CGI scripting - for the bulletin board/forum on CI, and to end our dependence on JavaScript for features like our Misfortune Cookies (a couple million hits and counting).

New FAL material for the summer holidays is being "percolated".

Upon receipt of new material from the clients, an overhaul is coming for findapiano.com and moebettermann.com...

Planning continues for findacartoonist.com, our upcoming community web site for toonmakers.


We're set to partner with a new DVD retail web site before Washington's Birthday. Early indications are that we'll be syndicating original reviews and features on their web site.

Erik is hobnobbing with some SoCal industry types in mid-February.

If the right location can be confirmed, we hope to announce our first FALCon festival (late summer).

As always, we plug away at the screenplays in progress (and a small bunch of tunes for the Prospect and Alta gangs).

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