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2031 j st. sacramento, ca 95814 - 916.446.DISK - contact us

Floppy's, facing 21st and J Street.Floppy's Digital Copies and Printing specializes in providing customers high quality digital copies and prints at amazingly low prices. Whether you're a Sac State student needing some color prints for your final or a restaurant owner needing some new menus printed up, we provide excellent prints and copies from original photographs to layouts on Zip disk, CDs and of course, floppies.

This website is designed to give you a comprehensive idea of our services and prices. Have questions? We invite you to check out the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section to see if we've already got an answer to what you need to know.

Ordering information

Ordering via email

Our email is print@floppysdigital.com. Filling out an order online is as easy as making an in-store order. You will receive a return confirmation email from us, prompting you to call in and inform us that you've sent an email order. If you didn't get a confirmation email then we didn't get your order.

Pick-up and delivery of various jobs is a service we can provide. Call or email and ask us about this service.

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In-store orders

While we do have self-service copying and computers available (see our time cost in the Pricing/Services section), a bulk of Floppy's work is done through orders - jobs you leave to be done in a certain time-frame. The following is a simple list of things we'll ask whenever orders are filled out.

  • First name and a phone number you can be reached at.
  • The type of stock or materials you want your order on.
  • Volume specifics - number of copies you want, OR...
  • number of sets (ie - a stapled series of pages comprising a document) you want, OR...
  • the yield you want (ie - with a 5.5x8.5 inch flyer fit two to a sheet; you'll be charged per 8.5x11 copy, type of paper, but we still need to know how many flyers you want to end up with).
  • Additional things like folding, stapling, binding, and other kinds of handling that have to do with anything than the copying of your document.
  • When you'd like to pick up your order.*

* Orders where we're doing any kind of addition, manipulation or layout, like a business card or a booklet you've sent/given us in a pdf format, we always do proofs for.

A proof is a sample test of the potential run of copies we'll be doing for you. It helps us and you to proof-read a major job before a gazillion copies are run off. "Job Smith" probably wouldn't want his business cards to read "Jab Moth." Also, you may find you don't like the paper stock or some other aspect of your job upon seeing a near-final product.

Customers often come in to view proofs and give the go-ahead. Other times, we'll fax proofs to you if you've requested this.

Pick-up and delivery of various jobs is a service we can provide. Call or email and ask us about this service.

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2031 j st. sacramento, ca 95814 - 916.446.DISK - contact us