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12 February 2002

For more information, contact Erik Lobo
or saunter in to FAL's Giant Angry Blog.

Along with all of our other activities, the artdorks of FAL can occasionally be enticed into freelance projects. Please feel free to inquire (above).

Cinema Insomnia is a late-night movie show hosted by the mysterious Mr. Lobo.

The Last Thanksgiving is a radio play which was broadcast live in November 2000. CD's are available from our Catalogue. We're contemplating a stage version, to benefit a local charity, this fall.

Nuke Nova is the hero of a post-apocalyptic comic book storyline. Episode 927, "A Fist Full Of Darkness", was published by FAL in 1992. The tenth anniversary celebration will include the digitization of that episode for the web site. Zooky, the furry one-eyed green critter on the masthead of our Content pages, is the merchandising lynchpin.

Lloyd the Well and Wonder Frog, a FAL celebrity from the "62 Magazine" days, is contemplating a more active role on FAL.net - advising the compulsive and weak-kneed with his own brand of pond scum-sucking love. A syndicated TV deal is not likely.

Later this year, "The Sorry Ass" and "Horrton Hears a Heart" are among the FAL tales that will be available in print as "FAL Fist Editions" and on CD-ROM. Watch the Catalogue, bunky.

Confused about FAL terminology and slang? Check out the Dyslexicon and get hep to the lingua FALca.

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